About Us

The Unity Forum for Family Practitioners (UFFP) comprises of representative bodies of Family Practitioners.

The members of the UFFP include the South African Medical Association (SAMA), the Independent Practitioners Association Foundation (IPAF), the Dispensing Family Practitioner Association/Emerging Market Healthcare Ltd (DFPA/EMC), the Society for General/Family Practitioners (SGFP), the South African Medical and Dental Practitioner Association (SAMDP) and the Alliance of South African Independent Practitioners Associations (ASAIPA).

The UFFP represents more than 90 percent of the Family Practitioners in South Africa.

What do we do?

The UFFP will provide strategic leadership in the development, implementation, and sustainability of FPs.
Providing advice, support, and assistance in the implementation of the programme, we will assist in the promotion of the FP as a coordinator of care. The forum aims to monitor identified and emerging risks for FPs and advise on their prevention, mitigation, and management,
We need to jointly confront and resolve challenges faced by FPs

  • Advice, support, and assistance
  • Implementation of Primary Healthcare Programmes
  • Promotion of the FP as a coordinator of care
  • Monitor identified and emerging risks for FPs
  • Advise on their prevention, mitigation, and management

A Few Accomplishments

Some of our recent work

Vaccines for Healthcare Workers

UFFP was integral in obtaining vaccine stock for GPs as a priority sector in Healthcare.

Through V4HCW, we drove the administration, appointments and completion of vaccinations of Health Care Workers in the Private Sector


In July 2021, parts of South Africa including many medical practices were ravaged by looting. Medical Practices were broken into, destroyed, and some were even burned down. Through our network, we've obtained donor funding to support doctors that were looted.


Launched a joint rejection of the PIMART program that was developed by SA HIV Clinicians Society that allows a Pharmacists to complete a short online course and initiate and manage patients on ARVs.

Contact Us

For enquiries please email info@uffp.co.za